New Issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies (Vol. 6 No. 1)

Come and get some Canadian disability studies research!

I am excited to announce that a new issue of The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies is now live:

Please read, download, share, and respond.

Thanks as always to Reviews Editor Dr. Jen Rinaldi and Assistant Editor and Social Media Editor Sarah Gibbons. Thanks to accessibility partner Accessibil-IT ( and to Geoffrey Salisi for their work creating the most accessible PDF and HTML files possible.

Here is the table of contents:


Framing Deaf Children’s Right to Sign Language in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Jennifer J. Paul, Kristin Snoddon

In the Nick of Time: A Pan-Canadian Examination of Extended Testing Time Accommodation in Post-secondary Schools
Laura Sokal, Alina Wilson

“The World is Wide Enough for Us Both”: The Manitoba School for the Deaf at the Onset of the Oralist Age, 1889-1920
Sandy Barron

Eyeing the Pedagogy of Trouble: The Cultural Documentation of the Problem-Subject
Devon Healey

Measuring Integration of Disabled Persons: Evidence from Canada’s Time Use Databases
Clarke Wilson, Mary Ann McColl, Fang Zhang, Paige McKinnon


Review of DeShazer, Mammographies: The Cultural Discourses of Breast Cancer
Kristen A. Hardy

Review of Rioux, Pinto & Parekh, Rights Monitoring, and Social Change: Building Power out of Evidence
Grace M. Lockhart

Review of Dunn, Disabling Characters: Representations of Disability in Young Adult Literature
Danielle Lorenz

Review of Esmail, Reading Victorian Deafness: Signs and Sounds in Victorian Literature and Culture
Joanna Rankin

Thanks as always for your support.


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Tracking Access Successes and Issues at C’s 2017 (Portland, OR)

Hi everyone,

As we all pack up/prepare materials to head to C’s, one more Google Doc/Word Doc as some collaborative wisdom gathering — thanks to Susan Naomi Bernstein and Dale Ireland for these ideas.

Attached to this post are MS Word documents that you can add to and send to me; we’ll also have a copy of this at the Access Table if people want to write things down there.

We intend this to be a place where people can document things that worked well access-wise and should be continued as well as things that were barriers, issues, challenges, or problems in Portland.

The goal is to document these things in a central location so that those who work on the Kansas City Accessibilty Guide, the NCTE staff, as well as the Local Arrangements people can have a record of things they should be aware of/avoid. I will be glad to update the google doc and, when making those updates, also send a Word doc to the list.

I’m also attaching the CDICC agenda as a MS word document.


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