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About Our Site

This website represents the CCCC Disability Studies Standing Group (formerly the Disability Studies Special Interest Group). This is a website for, and about, people studying, teaching, and researching at the intersection of disability studies and writing/rhetoric/composition. The url for this site – “disability rhetoric” – speaks to those of us in rhetoric who “do” disability studies, and also challenges the idea that discussions about language and disability are “just rhetoric.”

When this site was first established in the early 2000s, we were able to put together a bibliography of work in our field and sample syllabi. Delightfully, the field is now so large that this isn’t possible, so instead, we’ve added keep a part of the site for recent “publications.”

Our Leadership

The Co-Chairs of the Disability Studies Standing Group (DSSG) are Ada Hubrig and Brianne Doyle. Amy Vidali is the Webmaster and listserv owner, and Hilary Selznick is our Elections Officer. (Previous Co-Chairs, Webmasters, and Elections Officers include Logan Smilges, Anna Barritt, Ruth Osorio, Tara Wood, Dev Bose, Muffy Walter, Cody Jackson, Amy Vidali, Margaret Price, and Dale Katherine Ireland.)

This site was first created in 2009, and grew out of the Disability Studies Special Interest Group (SIG) at the Conference on College Composition (CCCC), which formed in 2008 and continues to meet each year as the Disability Studies Standing Group. The site identity DR logo (located next to the URL of your browser) was designed by Ariadne Diaz-Marroquin.

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