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The Committee on Disability Issues in College Composition (CDICC) is separate from the Disability Studies Standing Group (DSSG), but there is overlap between the goals and people in each group. CDICC is formally associated with CCCC, and the group is responsible for conference access, among other things.

The committee charge includes:

  • working to an increasingly accessible conference;
  • promoting inclusion through a web presence;
  • consulting with NCTE as necessary;
  • ensuring that ADA consultants are properly hired;
  • develop necessary proposals by tracking best practices in disability in writing/rhetoric/composition; and
  • to work with other committees.

The full charge is here. (The previous articulation is also available.)

For the last decade, the CDICC has also hosted an “access table,” which provides a point-of-entry connection for disabled attendees at on-site CCCC conferences.

This is the logo for the 2023 CCCC Convention. It's purple, black, and pink and feels 60s/funky/groovy.