Tracking Access Successes and Issues at C’s 2017 (Portland, OR)

Hi everyone,

As we all pack up/prepare materials to head to C’s, one more Google Doc/Word Doc as some collaborative wisdom gathering — thanks to Susan Naomi Bernstein and Dale Ireland for these ideas.

Attached to this post are MS Word documents that you can add to and send to me; we’ll also have a copy of this at the Access Table if people want to write things down there.

We intend this to be a place where people can document things that worked well access-wise and should be continued as well as things that were barriers, issues, challenges, or problems in Portland.

The goal is to document these things in a central location so that those who work on the Kansas City Accessibilty Guide, the NCTE staff, as well as the Local Arrangements people can have a record of things they should be aware of/avoid. I will be glad to update the google doc and, when making those updates, also send a Word doc to the list.

I’m also attaching the CDICC agenda as a MS word document.


Stephanie L. Kerschbaum, Ph.D.
(pronouns: she/her/hers)
Associate Professor, Department of English
Coordinator, UD Faculty Achievement Program
University of Delaware
320 Memorial Hall
Newark, DE 19716

Files may be accessed by clicking  on the hyperlinks:

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