CCCC 2015: Accessibility Guide

This post comes to us from guest bloggers Lauren Cagle ( and Ellie Browning ( from the University of South Florida. To share the Guide on listservs and emails, please distribute this link:

Each year for the Conference on College Composition and Communication, local volunteers put together an Accessibility Guide to support conference attendees as they make their travel and presentation plans. This year, we’re particularly proud of the Accessibility Guide, which was produced by the largest group to date of local collaborators: two Accessibility Committee co-chairs and four volunteer members. All 39 pages of the Guide are packed with information and photographs designed to help you make informed choices about your trip to Tampa.

The Guide features accessibility information about:

  • the Tampa airport,
  • traveling from the airport to downtown Tampa,
  • the Tampa Marriott Waterside,
  • the Tampa Convention Center,
  • and navigating downtown Tampa.

Other sections of the Accessibility Guide address the secondary conference hotels and downtown amenities, such as drugstores, restaurants, and support group meetings.

We ask for your help in sharing the Accessibility Guide as widely as possible. We also encourage you to spread accessibility by using the resources at to make your CCCC presentation, poster, or workshop accessible.

Our contact information is available in the Accessibility Guide, and we encourage you to contact us via email.

Here’s to an accessible CCCC, and we look forward to meeting you in Tampa!

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