News in Disability Studies Research; Guest Blog from Alison Hitt

We have had some updates in disability studies. Brenda Brueggemann has published an extensive list of disability themed issues in academic journals from 1993 to now. The list is available on the Resources page under Bibliographies. See also this guest blog from Allison Hitt, who works at Syracuse University. Hitt’s website, Accessing Rhetoric, is available here.

I look forward to posting more, and as always, contact me at if you’re interested in being a guest blogger for the site, or would like to joint the DS-Rhet listserv. —Dev

Hi, everyone,

It’s that time of year again where I offer a Storify collection of the disability- and accessibility-related tweets from CCCC (#4c15) in Tampa, which you can access through the following link:
I pulled public tweets using the hashtags #dis, #access, and #4c15, as well as session-specific hashtags (for example, #B11 was the session hashtag for Brenda Brueggemann, Sean Zdenek, and Nicole Snell’s excellent panel on captioning). These are only tweets from public accounts, but please let me know if you would like anything to be removed. Please also let me know if you have any comments, questions, or tweets that you’d like me to add or modify. For example, I had a difficult time properly attributing some tweets to particular people/presentations that I didn’t personally attend.
This is a long text, so please be patient as tweets load! I also exported the page as a PDF, which I’m attaching to this email. You can interact with the PDF by clicking individual tweets, which will link you to their original posts. [This has been added to the Resources page as well.]
You can access previous years as well:
I hope these continue to be useful to folks, and it was great both engaging with your presentations in Tampa and then re-reading them again as I curated these tweets. Thank you all for your thoughtful, generative work!

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